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Helen Rusovich has been making great headway on the page layouts.

The expansion was a success! We have even more content for the book, with a lot of exciting newcomers. If you submitted work that was in line with the requirements of the project, you were routed to the 'Substrata' Facebook group. Thanks to all who participated!


Thanks for making Substrata so much fun, everyone! Participation has been steadily building, so let's keep the momentum going and juice it 'til OCTOBER 1ST.


The Pitch :
When Vigil Games dissolved shortly after the release of ‘The Art of Darksiders II’, a thought occured : What if the art team, now scattered to the four winds, could appear in the same book again? Further, what if other industry veterans from around the world could be encouraged to take part? This is that book.

The Theme : ...a dark fantasy video game tailored to its developers’ wishes. They were to throw themselves into pre-production, pooling ideas to define the direction of the project, given only a general design brief and the title “Substrata.”

Design Brief:

-hero character (+variants)
-enemies (+variants)
-mounts / vehicles
-items / unlockables / downloadable content
-world map
-title screen
-load screens
-heads-up display / user interface
-easter eggs

-"Substrata" logo + type treatment

WHO CAN SUBMIT : anyone (2D or 3D), but mainly experienced game devs who know the drill

WHAT NOT TO SUBMIT : (1) copyrighted material, or works bearing close resemblance to copyrighted material -- Try to do your own thing, not what you see others doing. (2) works not specifically created for "Substrata" (3) lengthy written explanations of your pieces -- Some labeling/titling is fine, but try to keep it to images.

"Who edits the final book?" -- myself & Helen Rusovich

"Can I post this work publically?" -- Yes, of course. It's yours. You can even make some mention of it being for "Substrata" and link to this page, if you like.

Submissions can be at any size/dimensions (high res .jpgs are fine), and you can submit as many as you want.
PLEASE INCLUDE A CURRENT WEB ADDRESS to be noted alongside your name in the credits!

Publisher pending.

Proceeds will go to charity.

Ready to submit or have questions? Please email me directly, placing the word "SUBSTRATA" somewhere in the subject heading!

Paul Richards

Top (left to right) : Hellstern, Stephen Oakley, Tham Hoi Mun
Middle (left to right) : Max Gon, Peter Boehme, Vince Aparo
Bottom (left to right) : Crystel Land, Max Davenport, Darren Bartley


Top (left to right) : John Polidora, Daniel Stultz, Matthew Lewis
Middle (left to right) : Helen Rusovich, Nicholas De Spain, Daniel Chavez
Bottom (left to right) : Paul Richards, Brett Bean, Mike Franchina

Top (left to right) : Allison Theus, Simon Kopp, Darren Bartley
Middle (left to right) : Graeme McCormack, Helen Rusovich, Martin Kepler
Bottom (left to right) : Mark Behm, Nicholas De Spain, Tatiana Vetrova

Top (left to right) : Stuart Ellis, Daniel Chavez, Tham Hoi Mun
Middle (left to right) : Nate Rogers, Paul Richards, Darren Bartley
Bottom (left to right) : Chase Toole, Rayph Beisner, Nick Carver

Top (left to right) : Viktor Fetsch, Darren Bartley, Nicholas De Spain
Middle (left to right) : Nick Carver, Peter König, Artur Fast
Bottom (left to right) : Max Davenport, Martin Kepler, Stephen Oakley

Top (left to right) : Darren Bartley, Simon Kopp, Peter Boehme
Middle (left to right) : Max Davenport, Vince Aparo, Nick Carver
Bottom (left to right) : Stephen Oakley, Daniel Chavez, Paul Richards

Top (left to right) : Eric Spitler, Gilles Ketting, Helen Rusovich
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Bottom (left to right) : Rayph Beisner, Pior Oberson, James Hawkins

Top (left to right) : Chase Toole, Matthew Lewis, Paul Richards
Middle (left to right) : Max Gon, Allison Theus, John Mueller
Bottom (left to right) : Peter Boehme, Darren Bartley, Vince Aparo

Top (left to right) : Graeme McCormack, Martin Kepler, Miro Petrov
Middle (left to right) : Stuart Ellis, Peter Boehme, Paul Richards
Bottom (left to right) : Ben Olson, Simon Kopp, Peet Cooper

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Bottom (left to right) : Martin Kepler, Mark Behm, Peter Boehme

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Middle (left to right) : Graeme McCormack, Esben Lash Rasmussen, David Sequeira
Bottom (left to right) : Timur Shevtsov, Darren Bartley, Daniel Beaulieu

Top (left to right) : Paul Adam, Tham Hoi Mun, Svetoslav Petrov
Middle (left to right) : Javier Zuccarino, Konstantin Kostadinov, Jeff Mianowski
Bottom (left to right) : John Polidora, Jonathan Lindblom (after Darren Bartley), Borislav Kechashki

Top (left to right) : Svetsoslav Petrov, Tatiana Vetrova, Jonathan Tiong
Middle (left to right) : Carlyn Lim, Naomi Baker, Kirk Quilaquil
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Top (left to right) : Virginia Critchfield, Raymond Griego, Peter Lee
Middle (left to right) : Loraine Howard (after Darren Bartley), Gray Ginther, Pior Oberson
Bottom (left to right) : Jason Pichon, Burton Parker, Frank Sandoval

Top (left to right) : Helen Rusovich, Hide Hu, Eric Spitler
Middle (left to right) : Tamara Bakhlycheva, Sam Lamont, Svetoslav Petrov
Bottom (left to right) : Nicholas De Spain, Naomi Baker, David Sequeira

Top (left to right) : Jason Pichon (after Sebastian Hagelstein), Haofeng Liao, Jian Li
Bottom : Toph Gorham

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Middle (left to right) : Kelvin Tan, Raymond Griego, Israel Alvarez Carrion
Bottom (left to right) : Kirk Quilaquil, Ivo Nies, Timur Shevtsov

banner art by Peter Boehme, Max Gon, Paul Richards, Darren Bartley & Helen Rusovich